What is Boardzilla?

Boardzilla is a framework for developing high-quality, browser-based board games.

Develop with ease

Boardzilla provides a framework for quickly and easily building beautiful digital board games. Code your game rules using our powerful API. Then use the layout API to provide the games appearance and artwork. Your code will run on both the client and server to bring your game rules to life! Boardzilla hosts your code and translates your rules into a playable game with animations. It's that easy.

Development uses only Typescript, JSX and CSS. You develop and run your game entirely locally, so you can use your own preferred development environment to perfect your game. We provide tooling to inspect, test and troubleshoot your code which you can use in addition to whatever web development tools and debuggers you like.

Put your game online in no time

With Boardzilla you can have your game to market in days or weeks, not months. Because it is entirely web based, your ability to get feedback from players is effortless, users only needing a web browser to participate in testing.

We also simplify the hosting of your game to get players playing your game. Upload your game to our platform for testing, and when you're ready to publish you'll have players trying it out and providing feedback. All feedback is collected within the game, so players can submit their feedback and keep on playing.

The playing experience is great. Boardzilla tells players exactly what moves are available based on your rules. The game automatically animates based on how you've defined your rules. Games can be played at players' own pace or in real time. If playing games over days, players get notified when it's their turn. Because it's web based, players can take their turn from their phone or desktop.

Ready to make your own game?

Read the documentation or join us on Discord and talk with us to learn more.